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escape from drowning.
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First Step:- When you are in water don’t fear because if fearful then muscle uses a lot of oxygen. After this lack of oxygen in your body in this situation, this is dangerous. So be brave in this kind of situation.

Second Step:- Keep your head above the water and take a breath normally. when oxygen goes into your lungs they help you to easily swim.

And The Last Step:- Do not keep your body standing in water, keep your body lying in water and keep your face up and back position or Move the legs slowly so that you can reach the near edge.

A Healthy Life

A practical way to overcome mind stress

Searching true path to reduce your stress
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Many people are under stress after the pandemic. So, you need to understand how dangerous stress is for your mental health, and mental stress directly affects your body. So, if you are doing daily physical exercise but are not doing anything, make your mind stress-free, your body can’t perform well.

Our world is awash with microorganisms. They aren’t apparent to the naked eye, but they can be examined through a microscope. Amoeba is one of these microorganisms belonging to the family of Protozoa. The most studied species is the Amoeba proteus.

Amoeba was first identified through Rosenhof in 1757. Naturalists before this time classified the organism as Protista because the animal can alter its form. The animal’s name from the Greek word that means change.

Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there.

Your difficulties are always smaller than you.
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Staying targeted on your goals is difficult. Within the starting, we’re definitely actuated. However, we tend to all shrewdness that motivation wanes over time. We tend to get held, stuck, frustrated, overloaded, overworked, and distracted. We merely simply veer off course. Clearly, it’s exhausting to remain targeted after we have…

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